Baby Uv Microwave Sterilizer - Nuvita
Baby Uv Microwave Sterilizer - Nuvita
Baby Uv Microwave Sterilizer - Nuvita
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Baby Uv Microwave Sterilizer - Nuvita

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The UV sterilizer MellyPlus sterilizes soothers, teats and bottles in a practical and fast way.

Small and lightweight, MellyPlus takes just 3 minutes to effectively sterilise and is convenient to keep in your bag and carry so you always have it to hand.

How to use

The combined action of UV light and Ozone quickly kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria. Simply unscrew the top part, place the soother or teat on the dedicated support and screw it back on. The sterilisation process starts automatically and ends when the UV lamp is turned off. The teat can also be sterilised directly on the feeding bottle; in this case, just unscrew the rear part of the steriliser and place it on top. It is suitable for the most common models of soothers and nipples on the market and for wide-neck feeding bottles.

Technical features

  • Sterilizes in 3 minutes
  • Works with 2 AAA batteries
  • Suitable for soothers, teats (even without removing them from the bottle) and feeding bottles
  • Portable

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