Dr Bronner's - Baby Mild Organic Magic Balm 60g
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Dr Bronner's - Baby Mild Organic Magic Balm 60g

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It is an intensive care product that soothes cracked, raw and dry areas of the skin such as elbows, cheeks, nails or hands, and protects them from other external influences.

The rich formula composed of organic beeswax, avocado oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, olive oil and hemp oil supports skin regeneration and ensures a silky-soft skin feel. Due to its mild composition, it is perfect for the tender skin of babies or use to help heal freshly inked skin.


  • Use on dry, cracked or irritated skin as needed.
  • The balm can also be used to support the healing process of freshly inked skin or revive the colour of older tattoos: Simply cleanse the skin with Dr. Bronner's soap, tap the skin dry and apply a thin layer of balm.

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