DreamWizard with BACK SUPPORT BLUE - Nuvita
DreamWizard with BACK SUPPORT BLUE - Nuvita
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DreamWizard with BACK SUPPORT BLUE - Nuvita

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When the belly grows it becomes difficult to sleep peacefully because some positions are uncomfortable, others are not recommended for the newborn baby and the baby often becomes agitated as soon as you lie down.

DreamWizard accommodates and supports the belly and back, adapting its shape based on nocturnal movements , always favouring sleep on the left side, the best side for blood circulation for mother and baby. The back support can be adjusted according to the mother’s height and the week of pregnancy and favours the correct positioning of the baby for a faster and less painful delivery.


The special padding in EPS microspheres (sintered expanded polystyrene) composed of 98% air allows the pillow to adapt to the body for better comfort and makes it breathable and coolerhypoallergenic and anti-mite. It is easily machine washable and dries in a very short time.


Thanks to the adjustable back support and the inside made of special EPS microspheres, it is a multifunctional 12in1 pillow that adapts perfectly to your body. It is hypoallergenic and super comfortable during pregnancy and can be used even after your baby is born.

The back support helps you stay on your left side while sleeping - the sleeping position recommended by specialists

When you sleep on your right side, the support, supports your belly giving you greater comfort

You can use it as a simple pregnancy pillow, without the back support

You can use it as a support for your neck and back

Leg support

Foot support

You can use it as a nursing pillow, adjustable according to your needs and those of your little one

Ideal as a pillow to comfortably breastfeed on the side

Become a nest for your baby

By tying the ends together, you can turn it into a comfortable pillow to help your baby learn to sit

You can transform it into a comfortable and safe relax armchair using the chenille cover

You can use it as a baby changing mat

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