Linea Mamma Baby - Lice Preventive Lotion 75ml
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Linea Mamma Baby - Lice Preventive Lotion 75ml

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The center, named Poldino, is the preventive lice lotion for the hair.


Cosmetic complement in the treatment of pediculosis for children and adults, ideal for daily prevention, it contains essential oils that create an unfavorable environment for the establishment of lice. Its 100% natural formula combines essential oils of lavender, mint, eucalyptus, argan oil and panthenol with emollient and calming properties for the scalp. Useful as a treatment for the whole family in periods of greatest contamination.
The particular 360 ° dispenser (Bag on Valve) allows an easy and homogeneous application of the product even in the most difficult to reach areas.

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