Little Dutch Kickboard Sailors Bay
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Little Dutch Kickboard Sailors Bay

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Let's catch some waves! You'll look like a real surfer exploring the water with this cool bodyboard. After a little practice, you'll be ready to surf the breaking waves. This cute bodyboard will help your child get used to the water, but it will also improve their balance and most importantly, it's loads of fun! In the center of the panel is a beautiful large sailboat on a light blue background surrounded by other sailboats, seagulls and lighthouses. The bodyboard is lightweight and made of sturdy foam, so it can also be used for swimming and relaxing in the pool. Always use under adult supervision.

Features of the Little Dutch Kickboard:

  • Materials: Styrofoam
  • Age Recommendation: 3+ Years.
  • Dimensions: 4.5 x 27 x 44cm.

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