Method washing-coconut water 532ml
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Method washing-coconut water 532ml

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We see you. checking out our new bottle. it’s a bit of sass for the side of your sink. who knew recycled plastic could be so dishy. with powerful plant-based cleaners + biodegradable ingredients it leaves your dishes dazzling and your pots spotless. simply pump twice onto a sponge or straight into the sink. stand back. admire.

to use

tackle grease + grime with two pumps on a sponge or in the sink. don't use in your dishwasher.

our products contain plant-based ingredients that should not cause adverse health reactions in normal or foreseeable use and we use third-party independent assessors and certifications to validate this. however, our formulas do contain some allergens and these are named on the label, in line with the requirements of eu legislation.

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