Organic Pear Nectar Juice
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Organic Pear Nectar Juice

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Alce Nero organic pear nectar is free from preservatives, flavourings and additives; it is made from perfectly ripened organic Italian fruit, picked at just the right time. Pears are sourced from the orchards of Alce Nero farmers and are processed without altering the genuine flavour of the fruit. This nectar is obtained from fruit purée, to which cane sugar and lemon juice is added.

In a practical 200 ml format with a straw, it is ideal for taking with you and for drinking at breakfast or as a sweet snack.


  • Energia :265kJ/63kcal

  • Grassi :0,1g

    di cui saturi :0g

  • Carboidrati :14g

    di cui zuccheri :14g

  • Fibre :2,4g

  • Proteine :0,2g

  • Sale :0g

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