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Dalla Costa Organic Pastina Bio 400g

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Ingredients:  100% Organic Semolina Wheat Flour, Vitamin B1

Dalla Costa Organic Pastina Bow Noodles with the shape of funny little bows will make your baby's meal more lively, especially for your baby's exploration interests.

Disney © Pasta line of Dalla Costa brand with many shapes of famous Disney characters © is so familiar to all of us who used to be "Hard Fan" of Walt Disney animated movies©

Disney © Pasta is a high-quality product in which the nutritional and playful aspects happily coexist, making it the #1 choice for parents looking to give their baby a treat. Great product and at the same time “fun”, so that your baby can easily explore, play, enjoy healthy and happy meals.

On the other hand, with a selection of pasta made from high quality Italian durum flour that gives this Nui its beautiful color from the best ingredients from organic farming into quality products. highest amount. Absolutely no preservatives, colorants, additives, chemicals.

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